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8 Awesome Firefighter Gift Ideas for Under $25

It can be hard to find affordable gifts for those who walk the Thin Red Line, so here’s a collection of firefighter gift ideas for under $25 that will make your gift recipient smile and their friends jealous!

Ranging from practical to entertaining, these gifts will provide a variety of options that delight, aid, and improve the experiences of any firefighter. And who knows, some of these cheap firefighter gifts might just become their new favorite toy.

The best cheap firefighter gifts

1. Tactical Knife Set 

Firefighter Tactical Knife Set

The new tactical knife set for firefighters is made of high-performance steel. Thanks to the aluminum used in the handle and pocket clip, it’s also lightweight. The knife is multi-functional—built to break glass, cut a seatbelt, or even slice some cheese off the ol’ block in the break room. Don’t worry, there’s a safety setting so your firefighter will stay safe, too!

2. Thin Red Line Baseball Cap 

Thin Red Line Baseball Cap for Firefighters

This awesome firefighter-friendly design makes this ball cap one of the sharpest on the market. Made with polyester, cotton, and spandex, this is one of those firefighter gift ideas for under $25 that they won’t stop raving about. They won’t be disappointed by the colors, fit, or quality.

3. Firefighter Grilling Spatula 

Firefighter Grilling Spatula

What more could you want than bottle opener and spatula combo tool? How about a bottle opener and spatula combo tool built for firefighters? This slightly cheesy, mostly amazing gift will brighten their BBQs and give them something to show off in the backyard.

4. Demolition Hand Tool 

Firefighter Demolition Hand Tool

Just because you’re searching for cheap firefighter gifts doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice utility. This multi-functional demolition hand tool wins when it comes to size, usefulness, and durability. At only 2.5lbs, this multifunctional tool won’t weigh down your firefighter’s uniform, either.

5. Maltese Cross Shirt 

Firefighter Maltese Cross Shirt

One classic gift for any occasion is a nice new t-shirt! We especially love these firefighter tee shirts because of the soft fabric with high thread count and the neat Maltese Cross imagery. While we love that the tee is unisex and comes in many colors, we think it’s especially awesome that it is built to avoid showing pit stains!!

6. Koozies to Share 

Koozies to Share for Firefighters

Firefighter coozies are always a hit, and if you buy them more than one, we bet your firefighter will love sharing with his entire shift crew. If your ideal gift is one they can use to unwind after long shifts, then these koozies are just the ticket. The throttle neck thin red line sleeves are firefighter BBQ approved.

7. Firefighter Bottle Opener 

Firefighter Bottle Opener

Speaking of cold beverages, why not gift this sharp firefighter bottle opener?! It’s heavy duty and made from hardened steel, perfect for popping open any IPA or American lager. Since it comes with a keyring and is small enough to tote around regularly in your pocket, it asserts itself as one of the best firefighter gift ideas for under $25.

8. Firefighter Gift Set 

Firefighter Gift Set

This firefighter gift set, part of the company’s American hero series, is comprised of two coffee mugs, multiple bracelets / wristbands, a lanyard, and challenge coins. We can’t imagine these affordable gifts will be anything but a big hit!

What other firefighter gift ideas under $25 do you have?

Whether you’re looking for something practical, something silly, or something a little bit in-between, these cheap firefighter gifts all have one thing in common: the brave recipients.

From functional pieces of clothing, to cool beer accessories, we hope our list of 8 affordable gifts for firefighters helps to inspire and entertain—or at least cover the bases if you’re scrambling for gift ideas!

To recap, here is our go-to firefighter gift ideas for under $25:

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