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6 Best Firefighter Prayer Blankets

In a firefighter’s line of duty, they must walk the thin red line to save and protect both lives and property. While on this line, they must face their fears and muster up every last ounce of courage in order to perform their job at their very best, all while knowing they are putting their lives at risk. Talk about true heroes! You can show your support and understanding with a gift of firefighter prayer blankets and let them know how much you care.

The best firefighter prayer blankets

1. Pure Country’s Woven Wool Blanket

Pure Country Weavers Fireman's Prayer Blanket Throw Woven from Cotton - Made in The USA

This 100% cotton woven fireman’s prayer throw blanket is perfect for the family man. The prayer and firefighter designs are woven, not printed, which gives an added richness and depth to the finish of the blanket. It is made right here in the USA, with bold colors that won’t fade even after washing. The whole family will be fighting to use this soft throw to honor dad each night!

2. Fleece Blanket with Firefighter Prayer

CafePress-Firefighter Prayer-Soft Fleece Throw Blanket

For that extra soft touch, this 100% polyester fleece throw blanket will do the trick. Featuring a fireman in bended prayer beside the firefighter prayer, the 50 by 60 inch blanket is great for both cold winter nights at home or cool fall nights outside. Printed with premium inks, your firefighter will love the meaning attached to this blanket. 

3. Custom Name Unit Firefighter Blanket

VTH Global Personalized Custom Name Unit Number Volunteer Firefighter Thin Red Line American Flag Quilt Blanket Twin Queen Size Tapestry Wall Hanging

How about this bold red, handcrafted quilted fleece throw for your favorite firefighter? The vibrant colors in diamond stitching make it both beautiful and breathable, with a soft polyester fabric and hypo-allergenic cotton print. This firefighter blanket can be personalized with name and unit number within a thin red line American flag design, and has 5 other displays to show the passion and commitment he has chosen.

4. We Stand with Firemen Prayer Blanket

Pure Country Weavers United We Stand Fireman Prayer Blanket Throw Woven from Cotton - Made in The USA

This fireman’s prayer throw blanket doubles as a beautiful work of art! The smoky colors give way to a scene of firemen in action, honoring their bravery and sacrifice. This one is also woven, not printed, for premier finish and comfort, and made in the USA. With a rugged look and heartfelt sentiment, it’s a great gift for both new and veteran firefighters. 

5. All Fired Up—Fireman’s Prayer Throw Blanket

Tapestry Throw, All Fired Up

The design on this firefighter blanket looks straight out of the fire station. With a brick background, deep red fringe, and displaying a pair of fire boots and hat, this 50 by 60 inch tapestry throw will look great draped in any room of the house. The woven blanket, made in the USA, features the fireman’s prayer – a great way to appreciate the fireman in your life. 

6. American Flag Blanket for Firefighters

Firefighters Prayer Firefighter Fireman Cotton Throw Blanket Afghan Gift

This cotton throw blanket has all sorts of symbolism and meaning for firefighters and makes a great retirement gift after many years of service. The ombre of a gentle gold to deep red makes a stunning backdrop to the images of a fire hat, fire axe, the Maltese Cross, and a folded American flag. The firefighter prayer adds honor and respect for your hero.

What awesome firefighter blankets did we miss?

We hope you found these firefighter prayer blankets as beautiful and touching as we did! These prayer blankets give that touch of love and encouragement that all firefighters need so they know just how honored and valued they are. Whether it’s at the beginning, middle, or end of their career, we are sure these prayer gifts will be appreciated for years to come.

Here’s a recap of our best firefighter prayer blankets.

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