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10 Firefighting Tools That Make Great Gifts

Behind every great firefighter is a great set of equipment. With this thoughtful shopping list, you can “arm” your loved one with the best firefighting tools to help them stay safe while on duty.

From hand tools and pocket tools and more, these are great gifts for firefighters in need of upgraded equipment this year.

The best firefighting tools

Whether you’re looking for personal, pocket, or wildland firefighting tools, we deem the following as the go-to “firefighter must have tools” on the market today.

1. Ratchet Cable Wire Cutter

firefighter cable wire cutter

This tool can cut up to cable wires up to 240 mm thick. Its sharp blade allows firefighters to rapidly make straight cuts with minimum efforts, especially since it can help stabilize the cable to keep it taut. Moreover, its sleek and compact design can help cutting cables in tight areas where other cutters might not fit. The handle of the tool is covered with anti-slip rubber, ensuring a strong grip even when your palms are sweaty (from hot flames, nervousness, or otherwise!).

2. Demolition Hand Tool

hand tools for firefighters

This powerful and unique firefighting tool is very effective in the hands of a first responder. The tool can tear several surfaces, including tiles, wood, drywall, glass, plaster, nails, frames of doors and windows, etc. It is well balanced and ensures strategic weight placement to help a firefighter to gain maximum momentum with minimal effort. The double-injection handle of the tool allows full control and comfort—a firefighter can hurt anything except their own person!

Gift your loved one handy and useful firefighter hand tools like these.

3. Breaching Tool

breaching tool for firefighters

This tool is perfect for hammering and ramming. It comes with a quick-release strap so that it can be used precisely when needed, plus a prybar that can quickly and easily remove nails. The entire is tool is forged with top-quality material. The handle of this powerful tool is made from molded fiberglass to minimize slip and maximize impact. The hammerhead is enlarged and it features cross-hatching that can efficiently “bite” into any surface, making it easily one of the firefighter must have tools.

4. Metal Sledge Hammer

sledgehammer for firefighters

When it comes to selecting firefighting tools, everyone needs (and wants!) a sledgehammer. Give the firefighter in your life this top-of-the-line hammer, made from durable and efficient metal + hard maple wood. The hardened metal of the hammer can break even the toughest of surfaces with great efficiency.

It’s destructive power increase in capable hands.

5. First Responder Rescue Tool

rescue tools for firefighters

Every first responder should have a firefighter rescue tool on hand. The most remarkable feature of this compact tool is that it is 30% lighter than most on the market. The cutting power of this tool is so efficient that a standard battery cable could be no match for it. The edges are hardened to the point that it can shear through soft metals very easily and effectively.

6. Pocket Window Punch

pocket window punch for firefighters

Not all firefighter pocket tools can save you from drowning, but this one can. This window punch has a powerful spring which is locked and loaded, ready to quickly break window glass for emergency access. This tool comes with a pocket clip that ensures easy and quick access in dire situations. It is made of high-grade steel and its length is only 4.75 inches. 

7. Fire Axe

fire axe

Gifting a fire axe carries significance, and we think your firefighter would love opening the one. We picked this one specifically because it is lightweight (less than 6lbs), which makes it less of a drag to carry around. The handle of the tool is made of non-slip materials, safe even when a firefighter’s hands are wet.

Bonus: Add a holster to your gift. The hatchet holster is made of 100% pure leather, so it not only looks sharp, but should last awhile.

8. Pry Kit

pry kit unique firefighter tools

Don’t worry, this firefighter equipment kit comes with a storage bag! It’s nearly 40 included tools are designed to be impact-resistant and tougher than common tools. Made of toughened nylon fiber, has the strength to pry up panels and pop open panel retaining pins lossless car modification.

This kit could be the gift that keeps on giving, useful not only on the job, but whenever tools are needed for automotive, marine, furniture, or aircraft trim removal and installation.

9. Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

adjustable hydrant wrench for firefighters

Have you ever tried to loosen couplings on a fire hydrant? It isn’t easy, but thanks to unique firefighting tools like this adjustable hydrant wrench, the job can be done a little more quickly and efficiently. After a job well done (and drenched), it can also be used to tighten loosen hydrant port caps without any difficulty, too!

10.  A Tactical Knife

tactical knives for firefighters

It is one of the ultimate tools for firefighters. The size of the knife is only five inches when folded, so it fits neatly in their pocket whether they’re donning their uniform or their after-work denim. It also contains a pocket clip with options for multiple attachments if your gift recipient prefers!

This tactical knife acts as a three-in-one tool; it can be used as a glass breaker, a seatbelt cutter, or as a functional knife. The handgrip is designed and made from materials that are specifically useful for an emergency rescue situation!

What firefighter “must have” tools did we miss?

When it comes to gifting firefighting tools, we think the above selections are always a hit. Any smoke jumper would be thrilled to receive something this thoughtful—and useful—as a gift.

To recap, here is our go-to list of firefighting tools and firefighter equipment that make great gifts: