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Firefighter Jewelry for Him: 10 Pieces to Buy Now

The best pieces of firefighter jewelry for him don’t need to be big or showy, but they do need to be thoughtful. After their tireless efforts to serve and protect you, your loved ones, and your community at large, it’s only natural to want to express your gratitude with a physical gift.

Whether it’s your son, your brother, your boyfriend, or your husband, you can show them you care—and appreciate all of their work and sacrifice—by gifting them a heartfelt note paired and one of these unique pieces of firefighter jewelry.

The best firefighter jewelry for him

1. Maltese Cross Firefighter Necklace 

maltese cross firefighter necklace

This Maltese Cross firefighter necklace is made of sterling silver and is always a hit. With multiple chain lengths but a stunning satin finish, this was the most stunning maltese cross necklace we found on the web. It’s about one inch in length—just right size for the firefighter in your life.

Prefer a different color? We think you’ll like this gold firefighter pendant.

2. Curb Chain Necklace 

firefighter chain

This firefighter chain is simple but attractive, and since this set comes with three unique colors, he can pick and choose when to wear which! Every chain is made from stainless steel and high quality polish (it won’t fade with regular usage). This a classic look that firefighters have adorned for centuries.

3. The Lord’s Prayer Bracelet 

lord's prayer firefighter bracelets

Firefighter bracelets like these make a statement, but not an overly flashy one. The Lord’s prayer and a cross are displayed on black stainless steel. Gifting this kind of firefighter jewelry for him shows you love and care, and its nod to faith indicates you and God are walking with him at all times.

4. Infinity Bracelet 

infinity bracelet for firefighters

You might not immediately think of a Celtic knot when shopping for the perfect firefighter bracelet, but why not? The simple, leather design and symbology (eternity) showcases your deep care without being too corny.

5. Silicone Firefighter Rings 

firefighter rings

These silicone “Thin Red Line” firefighter rings are perfect for active duty. The silicon is not flammable (pretty important for his line of work!) and they can be always be easily rinsed if they come in contact with any hazardous or flammable materials.

If you’re getting married, are married, or simply know that the guy in your life has a soft spot for firefighter rings, look here first.

If silicon is your jam, you’ll love this set of firefighter bracelets, too.

6. Die Cut Cross 

die cut cross for firefighters

If you’re after a men’s firefighter cross necklace, look no further!

The 24-carat gold plating and 20-inch long necklace chain are made by highly skilled artisans. The makers apply 20 micro inches to the core which made of semi-precious metals. This manufacturing methodology improves the resistance of the pendant against tarnishing—and fire!

7. Firefighter Dog Tag 

firefighter dog tag

This firefighter dog tag displays a unique and heartfelt prayer. It is lead- and nickel-free, and the the firefighter’s prayer is laser-engraved. The size of the pendant is 1.96 inches by 1.1 inches. The chain that comes with the pendant is 55 centimeters long. This piece can double as a firefighter necklace for him or a keychain!

8. Firefighter Sports Watch 

firefighter sports watch

The sports watch is splash resistant and water resistant up to 30 meters of depth. The strap is made of silicone that fits comfortably on the wrists. The dial of the watch has firefighter emblem printed on it, the perfect small touch. Also, the watch hands are colored with luminous colors which are effective for knowing the time in the dark.

We think of all the different pieces of firefighter jewelry for him, this one wins for its overall utility.

9. Tungsten Ring

tungsten ring

It is made of one of the most durable metals, tungsten carbide, and is laser engraved with a firefighter pendant and an EKG pattern. This is a major step up from the oft-chosen silicon firefighter rings and can be the perfect go-to jewelry for fancier occasions.

10. St. Florian Necklace for Firefighters

st. florian necklace firefighters

Anyone whose in the “know” knows that firefighters love St. Florian. St. Florian, who lived in the third and forth centuries, is the patron saint of firefighters. This firefighter necklace for him offers their gratitude and prayers for safety beautifully.

What pieces of firefighter jewelry for men did we miss?

Celebrate the firefighter in your life with a thoughtful piece of jewelry that they can proudly adorn. From dog tags, to rings, to necklaces, and everything in between, these firefighter jewelry pieces will be a hit!

To recap, here are the top pieces of firefighter jewelry for him that we’ve found: