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11 Great Firefighter Christmas Gifts

The ho-ho-holidays are nearing, and what better time of year to celebrate the firefighters in your life than by wrapping them useful, thoughtful firefighter Christmas gifts to put under their tree?

Life savers like firefighters need special recognition whenever possible. These brave heroes work tirelessly day-in, day-out, giving their best energy to others. Whether gifting them ways to relax after long shifts or items that can improve their work life (like better boots!), these gifts give a little self-care back to those who need it most.

Read on to find the best Christmas gifts for firefighters.

Great firefighter Christmas gifts

1. Badge Number Necklace

Firefighter Badge Number Necklace

Buy your firefighter a necklace that proudly displays their badge number. We love this version, which is cut by jewelers who are obsessed with precision. They take pride in making several designs of the given badge number or name. What’s more, the necklace is made from high-quality stainless steel, so that the final product is highly durable.

2. Demolition Hand Tool 

Firefighter Demolition Hand Tool

One of our favorite fireman Christmas gifts is this demolition hand tool, crafted to meet every need at the station, at home, or on the go. This tool is designed to complete the toughest jobs ever asked of firefighters. It is a well-balanced tool that weighs around 2.5 pounds, and is manufactured with strategic weight placement to achieve maximum momentum without much effort.

3. Breaching Tool 

Firefighter Breaching Tool

It can work as a sledgehammer, a battering ram, and a pry bar—it’s one of our most useful firefighter Christmas gift ideas! This essential tool is a combination of three powerful tools in one package, featuring a hammerhead with specially enlarged cross-hatching to effectively bite on surfaces like doors. The handle design provides the user maximum impact with minimum slip, plus the pry bar can breach into door frames in hours of need. 

4. A Novelty Blanket 

A Novelty Blanket Firefighters

This sharp polyester blanket has an added layer of fluffiness on the bottom, making this a thoughtful, snuggly option if you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for a firefighter boyfriend. The blanket is a breathable fleece and available in many sizes. The best part? You can customize! Add their name for an extra touch.

5. Art for Their Home 

Art for Firefighters Home

If you want to help the firefighter in your life level up their home decor, this neat piece of wall decor is a good first place to start. It’s made from anti-fading water-based ink, is waterproof, and will make a stunning (but not too over the top) statement piece in the home of your loved one.

6. An Upgraded Sleep Mask 

An Upgraded Sleep Mask for Firefighters

If there’s one thing we know, it’s this: Your firefighter needs some SLEEP. Help them catch quality ZzZZzz’s with this sleep mask, built with a 3D contoured cup to completely cover the eyes and block the light. It’s soft, comfortable, and can help them sleep during bright daylight hours. Plus, it kind of looks like a bra on their face, which is just a hoot.

7. The Lord’s Prayer Bracelet 

The Lord’s Prayer Bracelet for Firefighters

Does the firefighter in your life like wearing jewelry? Consider buying them this neat firefighter gift for Christmas! This silver bracelet is embossed with the Lord’s prayer, which is especially meaningful to any firefighter who identifies as a Christian. The bracelet is easy to put on and take off, and thanks to its titanium grade stainless steel, its color won’t fade or lose its shine.

8. A Flask 

A Flask for Firefighters

Ready to be a whiskey drinkers favorite person? Gift them this awesome, customizable firefighter flask and fill it up to the brim with their liquor of choice. This could be the keepsake gift for firefighters on Christmas. 

9. Christmas ornament 

Christmas ornament for Firefighters

Tis’ the season to show your appreciation for their sacrifice with a simple firefighter Christmas ornament! Since there are dozens of different firefighter ornaments on the market, we encourage you to shop around to find the right one for your loved one.

10. Matching Keychains 

Matching Keychains for Firefighters

These paired keychains are a sweet sentiment and another one of our favorite Christmas gifts for a firefighter boyfriend. It’s sentiment rings especially true when going out on big calls: “Always come home to me” and “I love you.” The keychains also come with a beautiful gift box without any extra cost.

11.  Pint Glasses

Pint Glasses for Firefighters

Make a beer enthusiast’s day by gifting them these neat firefighter pint glasses this Christmas! Glass, dishwasher safe, and able to hold a big ol’ pour of beer.

What awesome firefighter Christmas gifts did we miss?

Show the closest firefighters in your life that you care this holiday season by gifting them thoughtful, useful items to help them unwind after back-to-backs or enjoy their work even more. You can easily shop for and find fireman Christmas gifts online thanks to this list.

What other firefighter Christmas gifts ideas did we miss? Add your favorites in the comments! 🔥👩‍🚒 🚒

To recap, here is our go-to list of firefighting tools and firefighter equipment that make great Christmas gifts:

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