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5 Handsome Firefighter Axe Plaques

Want to show the firefighter in your life some appreciation? Whether it’s celebrating retirement, recognizing a promotion in the department, or sharing love for your Hero on a special day (Father´s Day is around the corner!), these beautifully crafted firefighter axe plaques are a great tribute to the honor and courage of firefighters.

These fire axe displays are varied in design and can be used as gifts for many occasions, so you may want to bookmark this page to return here again! 

5 best firefighter axe plaques

1. Thin Red Line Flag/ Firefighter Axe Sign / Firefighter Gift / Wood Flag

Thin Red Line Flag/ Firefighter Axe Sign / Firefighter Gift / Wood Flag

For a truly one-of-a-kind gift, look no further than this handmade firefighter axe plaque. Created out of reclaimed wood and hand painted, no two will look the same! (Plus, according to reviews, you can have it customized with a name, too.)  Whether they have served 1 year or 10 years, the courage mustered to put their life on the line remains the same. They will appreciate having this US flag sign with a Thin Red Line axe to represent that commitment they made. 

2. Black Fire Axe Challenge Coin Display

Black Fire Axe Challenge Coin Display

Make sure they can display their well-deserved challenge coins proudly with this decorative fire axe. Engraved and stained on natural pine wood, the US flag Thin Red Line axe design is both beautiful and a perfect setting for the coins to be valued and kept. This fire axe display can hold up to 30 coins.

3. Thin Red Line Distressed Wood Flag Plaque Gift

Thin Red Line Distressed Wood Flag Plaque Gift

For a more rustic look, check out this distressed and burned fire axe plaque. Features the US flag with hand printed stars and the Thin Red Line. Across the dark burnt wood, a large decorative fire axe is displayed in a lighter colored stain. A great representation of just how thin the line is when they decide to jump in to save us. 

4. Glen Green “A Hero’s Tribute” Firefighter Axe Wall Decor

Glen Green "A Hero's Tribute" Firefighter Axe Wall Decor

This beautiful firefighter axe plaque has it all: a ceremonial fire axe complete with Maltese cross, a golden scripted poem about the drive to serve, and firefighter imagery from acclaimed artist Glen Green. This wall decor is two feet high with a deep mahogany finish – a truly respectable gift as a firefighter retirement axe or to honor a large achievement or success. 

5. Decorative Fire Department 12″ Wall Cross – Fireman Firefighter Axe Decor

Decorative Fire Department 12" Wall Cross - Fireman Firefighter Axe Decor

A mountable and decorative cross is a great gift to remind firefighters who is protecting them while they are out protecting others. Two decorative fire axes and a firefighter badge are used to create a fire axe display upon the cross. Its rustic finish and fine details give it a sense of realism. And even better, every time they see it, they will remember who is praying for them.

They’ll love displaying a decorative fire axe

Just looking at these beautiful, handcrafted, and ceremonial firefighter axe plaques, we can feel the dignity and sacrifice that represents their line of work. We know firefighters will love receiving such a gift that respects and honors what they’ve chosen to commit their life to. In fact, we are sure you’ll agree that every firefighter deserves to have one of these decorate fire axe displays!

Here’s a recap of our favorite firefighter axe plaques!

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